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Flashback FM 95.6 Hosted by Toni (Maria Chambers) 80's Pop Music Rockstar Games 2002

Flashback 95.6 plays 1980s pop music, and is hosted by Toni. It is aimed at people who are "stuck" in the 80s, and in between songs Toni reminisces about her hedonistic lifestyle during that time. Toni is also a DJ in two of GTAIII's prequels, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, both of which are set in the 1980s. The tracks on Flashback 95.6 are all taken from the soundtrack of the 1983 gangster film Scarface and all composed by Giorgio Moroder. Flashback is another of the Colombian Cartel's favorite radio stations. The DJ's name might also reference the film, with the protagonist named Tony Montana.

Track Listing --- Intro (0:00) 1. Debbie Harry - "Rush Rush" (0:03) --- "Liberty City Survivor" Advert (3:19) 2. Elizabeth Daily - "Shake It Up" (4:04) --- "Medieval Millennium Fair" Advert (7:24) 3. Paul Engemann - "Push It To The Limit" (8:46) 4. Amy Holland - "She's on Fire" (11:17)

"Eris Running Shoes" Advert (14:53)

5. Elizabeth Daily - "I'm Hot Tonight" (15:36) --- Outro (18:22) --- "Pets Overnight" Advert (18:30)

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